I often have to work with Desktop Publishing applications. That means, I need instant access to some typographic symbols that are not directly available at the keyboard. So I decided to lay these symbols at the function keys which are free to use in the application. After searching in the web, Key Manager was the only tool thet allows me to place symbols like quotation marks at the function keys. And it has another useful property. I can set the apps which use the replacement. So it works fully automatic in the background. I'm much faster in writing formated text now. A fine tool that does even that I need.


Sandy Lee, Germany

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  1. All functional limitations are disabled in the software.

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  4. Full technical support.

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Key Manager

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Home License

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Business License

One business license grants its owner (individual or company) the right to use (install) the program (Key Manager, Key Remapper or Text Paster) in a business, academic, or governmental environment on one computer. If you need to use it on multiple computers, you should purchase the corresponding number of licenses.

If you purchased one license and you are using it on one computer but you have subsequently decided to install the program on another computer, you should either remove the program from the first computer and use the old license on the new computer or purchase an additional license if you need to have the program installed on two computers at the same time.

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