I often have to work with Desktop Publishing applications. That means, I need instant access to some typographic symbols that are not directly available at the keyboard. So I decided to lay these symbols at the function keys which are free to use in the application. After searching in the web, Key Manager was the only tool thet allows me to place symbols like quotation marks at the function keys. And it has another useful property. I can set the apps which use the replacement. So it works fully automatic in the background. I'm much faster in writing formated text now. A fine tool that does even that I need.


Sandy Lee, Germany

Text Paster

If you are tired of typing the same text multiple times, Text Paster can help you!

Text Paster is a program for instantly pasting into input fields in practically any program simple or formatted (RTF) text that has been pre-defined by you: standard phrases, greetings, generic replies, the current date and time, letter and document templates, e-mail addresses, website addresses, usernames, passwords, text fragments selected on your screen, clipboard contents, and much more.

You can also do the following with Text Paster:

  • Group the text clippings you regularly paste and display them as a popup menu.

  • Paste text or display the popup menu with a single key, mouse click, key combination, or by pressing and holding a pre-defined key or mouse button.

  • Quickly fill out forms thanks to automatic switching between fields through emulation of the Tab key and other keys, including Enter.

  • If a program does not support pasting text (for example, a console application), then text can be typed in by the program itself.

  • Limit text pasting and type to certain programs or windows.

Interface Languages:
English English, German Deutsch, Spanish Español, French Français, Italian Italiano,
Polish Polski, Portuguese (Brazil) Português, Russian Русский, Japanese 日本語
System Requirements: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/2008/2003/XP/2000



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