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Version History

1.12 build 250 (July 3, 2023)

✓ Added two options in the Text Paster settings window "Remap programmatic mouse button presses" and "Remap programmatic keyboard key presses".


1.12 build 240 (August 4, 2022)

✓ Fixed localization issues.

✓ Added a Czech localization.

1.12 build 230 (February 18, 2022)

✓ Fixed a bug with tooltips.

1.12 build 220 (February 6, 2022)

✓ Fixed compatibility issues with Windows 11.

✓ Fixed incorrect display of controls on high DPI screens.

✓ Fixed localization issues.

1.11 build 216 (April 21, 2021)

✓ In multi-line input fields, automatic text wrapping has been implemented instead of horizontal scrolling.

✓ Exceptions have been improved: you can now specify application folders, apply window titles only for specific applications and application folders, and extract text from the window titles of running applications.

✓ Fixed a bug with Alt + Tab in Windows 10.

✓ Fixed localization issues.

✓ Added a Romanian localization.

1.10 build 208 (January 4, 2019)

✓ Fixed issues with "Mouse Hook Error" and "Keyboard Hook Error" messages.

✓ Fixed issues with Text Paster hanging.

✓ Fixed issues with full-screen view of the main window.

✓ Fixed localization issues.

1.10 build 200 (September 20, 2018)

✓ Added a Polish localization.

✓ Fixed localization issues.

1.10 build 190 (May 8, 2018)

✓ Fixed compatibility issues in Windows 10.

✓ Added an Italian localization.

1.10 build 180 (March 1, 2018)

✓ Fixed compatibility issues in Windows 10.

✓ Fixed the "Access Memory Violation" error and similar ones that led to Text Paster crashes on some systems.

✓ Fixed an issue whereby Text Paster sometimes wouldn't run at Windows startup on some systems.

✓ Fixed an issue whereby the state (expanded/collapsed) of folders/menu was not saved correctly.

✓ Now the app window can also be opened/closed by a single click on the icon in the system tray.

✓ Improved the interface. Now all of the fonts use the scaling defined by the system.

✓ Fixed localization issues.

✓ Added French, Japanese and Spanish localizations.

✓ All the application's executables are now also signed with Symantec SHA-256 digital certificate.

1.9 build 170 (September 18, 2015)

✓ Fixed compatibility issues in Windows 10.

✓ The keyboard and mouse engine has been optimized with a focus on performance.

1.9 build 167 (September 2, 2015)

* Fixed compatibility issues in Windows 10.

* The keyboard and mouse engine has been optimized.

* Fixed localization issues. The "Snapshot" key was also renamed into "Prt Sc".

1.8 build 160 (June 24, 2015)

✓ Added a Portuguese (Brazil) localization.

✓ Now exceptions are sorted alphabetically.

✓ Fixed compatibility issues in Windows 10 (Preview).

✓ Fixed a bug that caused modifiers to "stick" or be redefined incorrectly.

✓ Fixed a bug that prevented the system tray icon from hiding in Windows XP.

1.7 build 158 (February 3, 2014)

✓ Fixed a bug – the items on the pop-up menus were sometimes displayed in wrong order.

✓ Optimized the loading block of system libraries.

✓ Added intelligent storage of the previous text format in the action "Paste Text" – Plain text (default) / RTF text.

✓ Added storing of path in the export profiles window.

✓ Fixed localization issues.

1.6 build 150 (November 21, 2013)

✓ Added a possibility to copy, cut and paste actions and folders/menus from the clipboard (standard and familiar Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V combinations).

✓ Added a possibility to copy an entire profile to the clipboard as a folder. This comes in handy when you need to copy all the actions of one profile to another or need to reorganize the current one.

✓ Added an option - fill a newly-created profile with the actions of the current one.

✓ Fixed a memory leak that resulted in a moderate increase of the size of the profiles file after each program start.

✓ Fixed a bug with incorrect scaling and displaying of toolbar buttons and other controls.

✓ Fixed a bug with the system tray icon menu – when it was clicked, it occasionally brought up the system menu along with the Text Paster menu.

✓ Fixed a bug that caused the program icon to disappear from the notification area.

✓ Fixed a bug – template RTF text appeared in a wrong encoding when pasted as plain text.

✓ Fixed a bug – the reset button of the 9th user modifier didn’t work.

✓ Fixed a bug that reset exceptions when the “clear key” button was clicked.

✓ Fixed a bug – the names of some actions were not saved if the Enter key was pressed during their editing.

✓ Added a German localization.

✓ Added template dates in the Russian format to the Russian version of the program.

✓ Added a template for converting a selected text fragment or text in the clipboard from the Russian keyboard layout to the German one (and vice versa).

1.5 build 148 (January 10, 2013)

✓ Fixed the error with the emulation of X1 and X2 mouse button presses.

1.5 build 147 (January 5, 2013)

✓ Added a possibility to remap mouse wheel left and right rotation/tilting (only for Windows Vista and newer versions).

✓ Fixed the error in exceptions – programs could not be recognized by the window title if user-defined strings contained uppercase letters.

✓ Fixed the error with auto-naming of exceptions.

1.4 build 130 (November 19, 2012)

✓ All the application's executables are now signed with VeriSign's (Symantec) digital certificate.

✓ Fixed localization issue - failure to keep the language selected during the installation when the application runs for the first time.

✓ Fixed bug in templates %t_seltext_skl_enru and %t_cbtext_skl_enru.

1.4 build 129 (November 2, 2012)

✓ Fixed bugs in the "Paste Text" -> "Plain Text" action - it truncated large texts (approximately 2 KB and above) and sometimes pasted wrong characters.

✓ Fixed UNICODE support bug in the "Paste Text" action.

1.4 build 127 (October 29, 2012)

✓ Fixed a bug - template %t_seltext (currently selected text) sometimes returned empty value.

✓ Added new templates:

     %t_seltext_uc/​%t_cbtext_uc - returns selected text/clipboard content in UPPERCASE.

     %t_seltext_lc/​%t_cbtext_lc - returns selected text/clipboard content in lowercase.

     %t_seltext_skl_enru/​%t_cbtext_skl_enru - returns converted selected text/clipboard content from Cyrillic layout to Latin and vice versa (depending on the original text characters).

✓ Fixed a bug - "Exceptions" did not work with 64-bit applications (as well as with some 32-bit ones).

✓ Fixed a bug - "Exceptions" did not work on the second press.

✓ Added waiting cancellation on the second press of a wrong (not predefined) key/mouse button.

✓ Added internal labels to interface elements to help users with disabilities navigate the application.

1.3 build 114 (October 12, 2012)

✓ Fixed compatibility issues in Windows 8.

✓ Fixed the bug that prevented Text Paster from running on certain systems.

1.3 build 108 (January 2, 2012)

✓ Added a possibility to select items from the actions popup menu using the keyboard cursor and a hotkey combination matching the initial letters of corresponding menu items.

✓ Added a possibility to instantly launch menu items using a hotkey that can be defined right in the names of nested menu actions by inserting the "&" character before the necessary character/key. Example: Paste &date - "d" will be the hotkey for this menu item:

✓ Fixed the incorrect display of program icons in the notifications area of the taskbar when enlarged Windows screen fonts were used.

1.2 build 92 (December 6, 2011)

✓ Fixed the bug that generated a message like "The instruction at... The memory could not be written." and that occurred on some systems.

1.2 build 89 (November 25, 2011)

✓ Fixed an issue that caused damage to program profiles.

✓ Fixed issues with memory leaks and termination of "Type in text" and "Paste text" actions after they were called too many times or for a very long time.

✓ Added a possibility to export and import (back up) profile data and program settings. Added "Import..." and "Export..." commands to the "File" menu.

✓ Added a possibility to choose the interface language right from the main program menu: Tools -> Language.

1.1 build 72 (September 2, 2010)

✓ Fixed an issue that caused the program to consistently shut down if Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 was installed on the system.

✓ Changed the location of buttons on the toolbar. Button icons are now more intuitive and self-explanatory.

✓ Added a possibility to launch Text Paster in a hidden mode using the /hidden parameter (key)

✓ Fixed an issue with no focus in the list of actions.

✓ In exceptions, in the executable file selection popup menu: added program icons that help find associated programs visually.

1.0 build 64 (November 19, 2009)

✓ The first release of Text Paster (version 1.0) is out.

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